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John Adams Prep - a preternatural high school game [Jul. 24., 2017|01:20 am]


Something old is waking up . . . • JOHN ADAMS PREP - a supernatural high school game )
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New Layout [Jul. 24., 2017|08:23 pm]

[Tags|, ]

As part of coming back to dreamwidth, I figured a new facelift for this journal (and [community profile] love_sacrificed) is in order. It's been over a year since I really looked at any of my journals. Be it here or at livejournal or at insanejournal.

Even longer since I did anything but moderate one of my contest communities or post a batch of icons. To be honest: towards the end I was stressing myself more with this than anything else. I took a step back as I undertook some major changes in my life (new job, new city) and it took longer than I expected. However, I think I needed that time away.

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Anyway, I've also started on updating my icons and I think this won't be the end of it.
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